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From: Tony Laidig


RE: Acheiving Breakthrough in Your Business or Personal Life

Dear Friend,

Whether you realize it or not, there resides within you an incredible skill, that when activated, has the single ability to instantly change ANY circumstance, situation or condition you may be facing. This skill has single-handedly been responsible for creating everything you see around you, from the computer screen you're looking at right now to the house you live in with all its contents. It has made fortunes for millions of individuals and businesses and has changed countless hopeless situations into examples of astounding success. This skill has literally defined the course of history...including YOURS! What is this amazing skill?


But there is a problem...many people feel about as creative as a moss-covered rock sitting in a stream watching all the water go by. Perhaps even you feel that when it comes to the Creativity Lottery, you definitely picked the wrong numbers. "I haven't got a creative bone in my body" has been your motto for years because you feel like your life and your business has been at the mercy of the circumstances that surround you. Well, I have some news for you. You're not alone in feeling that way. Of course, you don't have to stay that way, but the "trick" is trying to figure out how to break out of the cycle of frustration and grab hold of your dreams!

The truth is that you have ALL the creativity within you...RIGHT change your situation, to change your business, to change your life. And here is the good GREAT news! There is a way to activate this powerful, circumstance-changing skill of creativity within you right can begin today. And it's easier than you might think!

Introducing "The Creativity Code:
How to Acheive Breakthrough Success in EVERY
Area of Your Business & Personal Life"

In this powerful, LIVE 2-part Teleseminar Series, I am going to show you how to implement over thirty different creativity strategies and methodologies that I've used and developed for accessing our amazing creative ability at will. Any one of these simple strategies and methodologies can be put into practice immediately so that you can see RESULTS first-hand.

In Fact, Here's Just a Small Sampling of What You'll
Discover During This Breakthrough LIVE Teleseminar Series...

  • How to apply creativity and innovation to ANY situation
  • Why being a copycat in your product creation can be the kiss of death to your business
  • How to stop the endless, distractive chatter in your mind
  • What one thing will kill your creativity EVERY time
  • How to come up with an endless number of business ideas almost instantly
  • Why the bathroom seems to be the ultimate creativity spot
  • The secrets your dog holds to amazing creativity
  • How to determine which ideas to act on quickly and easily
  • The role your emotions play in the success of your business
  • Why less can be MUCH more
  • How to gain quick access to ANY guru or mentor easily
  • Why the Public Domain is one of the BEST enhancers of creativity
  • How to identify with laser-focused accuracy the actions that keep you from success
  • Why Creativity plus action will make you unstoppable
  • And MUCH, much more!

So Why Should You Listen To Me?

Working as an artist for 25 years and a book cover designer for 15 of those years challenged me to be able to plug into creativity and innovation quickly. And through the process of designing nearly 600 book covers for some of the top Christian and Business leaders around the world, I received a tremendous education in the creative process, not only from my own experiences, but also from the brilliant authors I was privileged to work with. Over the years, I honed these creativity insights into actionable steps that could be applied to ANY situation, business or experience. As a result, I personally enjoy the benefits of this powerful gift and skill, which includes building my new business (I no longer design book covers) into a comfortable six-figure income in a relatively short period of time.

So Here's What to Do Next...

Sign Up Now for "The Creativity Code Teleseminar Series."

Get your VIP access to the LIVE 2-Part "The Creativity Code Teleseminar Series" May 27 and 28 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern time each day.

You will ALSO Receive:

The REPLAYS: Though the Teleseminars will be LIVE, we are recording them as well, so if you can't attend live, DON'T WORRY, you will be able to listen to the replays or download the MP3's to listen at your convenience!

The TRANSCRIPTS: We are also having the teleseminars transcribed. The word-for-word "enhanced" transcripts will be made available to you within about 30 days after the LIVE Teleseminars.

The RESOURCES: I will be sharing some excellent resources during the course of the Teleseminars that you will want to take advantage of. I will make this information available to you in PDF form so that you don't have to try to write down every website or resource. I will also make available to you an action steps guide that will include each of the 30+ Creativity strategies I share and how you can apply them to your own business or life.

As you can see, these teleseminars will be focused on methods and strategies that you can apply right away. This will NOT be a couple hours of theory that I read in a book somewhere. These methodologies and strategies come from my own experience, testing and personal success. Imagine being able to AVOID the years of trying to figure things out just by investing a few short hours with these powerful teleseminars!

In Addition...

You will gain instant access (as soon as you register for The Creativity Code Teleseminar Series) to a very special teaching I recently presented in my office to a few of my closest friends on How to Develop a Successful Business Mindset. These were my closest friends who know me intimately, so there was no fooling them with what I shared...they know (and have witnessed) my business successes, which is why they asked me to speak with them about this powerful topic. In the video, I am VERY transparent about my personal struggles in business and what led to my success. I shared what worked and what didn't in an extremely candid way (remember, these were my close friends). I asked their permission to record the session, and they I'm offering it to you here for the first time. You WILL NOT be able to gain access to this video any other way!

You get all of this for only $97...

PLUS...The FIRST 100 Who Register for The Creativity Code

When you are one of the first 100 to register, I will send you The Creativity Code Teleseminar Series on CD as well! This will also include the special video presentation I gave recently to some of my closest friend on How to Develop a Successful Business Mindset.

By the way, you have nothing to lose because you can...

Take A Full 30 Days To Get Results From The Creativity Code With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

Take a Full 30 Days to take action of the Creativity Strategies presented in The Creativity Code Teleseminar Series. If you find that the strategies and methodologies I share in the teleseminars do not create positive change in your business or personal life, I'll gladly refund your money.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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To Your Continued Success!

Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert


PS - Creativity is the ONE skill that can take you from a failure to success in record time, and it resides within you RIGHT NOW! Learn how to access and activate it using The Creativity Code!


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